"I started CrossFit in September of 2013 with the intention of it being short term and only to give myself the ability to keep up with my husband during the upcoming hunting season. I had many uncertainties before my first class; would I be good enough, will I be judged by my peers and is it really worth the money – just to name a few. So I coaxed a few of my girlfriends into going with me so I wasn’t the only person standing out as a newbie and I can honestly say that that walking in those doors is one of the best decisions I have ever made! No, I wasn’t good at the movements and in fact didn’t even know what half of them were; I never felt like I was being judged – only encouraged; and HELL yes it is worth it’s weight in gold!

Two and a half years later, I am in the best shape of my life and I’m doing things that I never imagined would be possible. It’s a game-changer people! I will never forget the day that I did my first pullup. The way those little milestones empower you to keep going is indescribable and everyone deserves that feeling of triumph. The level of coaching is unsurpassed. Kenny and his crew spend countless hours developing programs and dissecting nutrition, movements and mobility so we can be at our best when life calls for it. CrossFit has allowed me to be an all-around healthier person and I find that my daily decisions revolve around how it will affect my performance the next morning at 6AM (i.e. no time to nurse a hangover).  From the groceries I carry to the elk and deer meat I pack, I attribute 100% to CrossFit Sandpoint!!

I can’t write this without mentioning the incredible friendships I have found there! I have always had friends who support my “addiction” outside the box, but I promise you won’t experience anything like it in comparison to the people that are right there beside you; blood, sweat and tears.  They see me at my worst on the daily (hello freshly rolled out of bed with zero makeup and clothes that are less than flattering) and have seen me at my best (when I PR my snatch and scream F**K YESSSSS at the top of my lungs, okay maybe not my “best” but pretty darn close) and vice versa. Through it all, we have each other’s backs and have formed this amazing companionship that is irreplaceable and absurdly motivating! Get up and walk through those doors and I guarantee you’ll never look back!"

- Jen Stevens

“I joined CrossFit Sandpoint two years ago, at age 41, after many years of living a sedentary lifestyle. Immediately I lost 40 pounds which convinced me that CrossFit gets results. My athletic background was limited to youth sports, outdoor activities, and powerlifting for high school football. I had not trained seriously for over 20 years. CrossFit Sandpoint provides unlimited coaching, use of equipment, nutritional guidance, a great training atmosphere and rapport.  In addition to the CrossFit classes,  I have enjoyed training with Kenny in the explosive Olympic lifts. Today I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been thanks to CrossFit.”

- Bart Casey

"I absolutely love CrossFit, for many reasons.  Compared to prior mundane gym workouts that I could easily talk myself out of going to, I actually look forward to CrossFit! Whereas before, I had a hard time being consistent, and therefore saw limited results, I'm actually bummed if I have to miss my CrossFit workout. 

CrossFit Sandpoint has a great group dynamic and the energy of the coaches and fellow CrossFitters inspires everyone to push their limits.  With their help, I'm accomplishing workouts I wouldn't have the willpower to do on my own.  The overall structure of class is well balanced between strength and conditioning.  I really enjoy that we do a lot of movements which incorporate our own body weight; pull-ups, handstand push-ups, etc.

I have also noticed improvements in my posture and movements outside of class in my daily life.  CrossFit is great for seeing results, physically and mentally.  I would have to say compared to all types of other physical actives and exercising I’ve done, I have seen the best and fastest results from CrossFit.  Just as I think of eating well as a way of life and not about a diet, I now view CrossFit not as exercise that I have to do, I see CrossFit as a way of life and something I enjoy to do!"

- Shawna Emery

""CrossFit" certainly means different things to different people.  To many it is a cult type workout fad with loads of negative press and perceptions who people love taking jabs at. Prior to joining, I was one of those people.

Three years later, it is one of the best things I have ever committed to.  Today, CrossFit for me offers a consistent outlet for competition and physical challenges, it provides structure and guidance towards being better in all areas of life, and it represents community and friendship like nothing else.  CrossFit Sandpoint, the amazing coaches, and the membership family exemplify all of these things which make the chore of going to the gym something to look forward to daily."

- Matt Gillis

"I would say I grew up very athletic. I was a gymnast, played 3 high school sports, after high school spent some years working seasonally fighting forest fires and doing other forestry work. (A lot of hiking with heavy back pack).

When I was 24 I had my daughter and my physical activity was significantly less for a while. Eventually I started mt. biking, snowboarding/skiing again with some stints of hot yoga but I did not do anything real consistently and looking back now, would NOT consider myself to truly have been in "good shape".

Somewhere in my late 20's I crashed snowboarding and dislocated my right shoulder. For YEARS after this incident I had problems with it being loose and not staying in place. I had to stop playing volleyball and pretty much always "babied" it. I was pretty depressed because I didn't think I would EVER be able to play volleyball again. There is never a good time in life to have a surgery so I avoided that option and "adjusted" my activities around my "bad shoulder". This was one of the HARDEST things to accept. No more diving, no more volleyball, no more back handsprings...This was no Bueno!

I lived this way for probably 10 yrs!!! Finally I started working out with my girlfriend (and childhood gymnastics partner) who was clearly in WAY better shape than me (at almost 40). She encouraged me to do CrossFit. I fearfully showed up to a class and literally, just watching everyone made my shoulder pop out of socket! (Or so I thought it was going to!) Everything I did, I felt I had to do "around" my shoulder....

When I started CrossFit, I could not do a push-up, I had to use a black band to do a pull-up, I was weak and my cardio sucked. (And I thought in was in pretty good shape prior to starting!) ha ha.

After a few months I started noticing big improvements and felt myself getting stronger...within that year I started playing volleyball again (serving underhand and being very cautious not to really "hit" the ball overhand for fear of my shoulder popping out), but I was playing and that was HUGE.

Over time the range of motion in my shoulder got better, my body got stronger and I started being able to hit harder, but was still serving underhand...

About 2.5 yrs ago I had an incident moving a bunch of furniture. I had chronic lower back pain with nerve pain running down my left leg. I stopped doing CrossFit (because I didn't believe I could do anything because I was in so much pain). I suffered for 7 months, stressing about having to have an MRI, possibly having to have surgery, and annoying the shit out of my boyfriend.....I literally could not walk, stand, sit or lay without being in so much pain it was unbearable. From being a gymnast I had a lot of issues; hyper mobility, SI joint inflammation/pain and I'm positive a bulging disk (from the incident moving furniture). I spent thousands of dollars on different things to try and relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. I cut out all gluten, night shades, took tons of Tumeric on and on...meanwhile praying for a miracle.

Finally I got so tired of not doing anything physical (except yoga), I decided to go back to CrossFit and just "take it easy" and just "see how it went", knowing that "strengthening my core" could potentially help. I started back July 1, 2014. I literally just lifted everything super light, used the training bar, was very careful, I couldn't run for months because the muscles In my left leg were so jacked up from the nerve damage affecting the muscle. I had a lot of issues.

Kenny was very supportive and helped me adjust/scale and also to push harder. Within 2 months of being back at CrossFit a few days a week, my pain had significantly reduced. I would say I was at about 70%. Within another month my pain was almost completely gone and I was at about 85%. Within 6 months I was pain free, had zero nerve pain and I was on my way to developing the most strength and endurance I have ever had in my life.

Now, in 2016 (2.5 yrs later), I am playing volleyball, hitting harder all the time AND now serving OVERHAND (something I NEVER thought I would EVER do again in my entire life without having surgery).

I can honestly say that I am the strongest I have EVER been in my adult life. I can walk on my hands! Something I haven't done since I was a teenager!

CrossFit has changed my life in ways that I never thought possible. I was often limited by my own self, my own doubts about myself and my abilities. Somewhere along the CrossFit journey, not only does your body change but so does the mind. What once seemed impossible has already been achieved and now I know that nothing is impossible and all things are achievable."

- Star Jensen

"Has CrossFit changed my life? A fair question to think about after two years of consistent attendance. I feel I started CrossFit as an avid exerciser and have progressed into an athlete. Before CrossFit I went through the motions of exercise on a daily basis but remained weak through my core with a stomach I had hated since my teens. I am now physically stronger both with activities as well as in appearance. My muscle tone has increased notably with no overall gains in size and though it took a little time, even my skinny jeans fit better!

As far as achievements and challenges I have concurred in CrossFit, I can hardly believe my gains. I had always heard about the addiction factor of CrossFit and wondered how anyone can get addicted to getting their butt kicked on a daily basis but it is the challenges put in front of you that create the addiction. Before I started CrossFit I could operate an elliptical trainer but I had never been able to perform a handstand, double under, pull up, box jump, rope climb or Olympic lift, I actually didn’t even know what half of it really was. Over the past two years I have slowly conquered all of those inabilities and now created new goals of being better, faster and stronger at my new accomplishments.

I find physical and mental satisfaction in the completion of each workout and that is coming from an admitted skeptic. As a physical therapist I had always heard how dangerous CrossFit was and considered it “good for business”, but I have never seen trainers with such close attention to form, technique and safety. I have actually experienced an overall decrease in joint irritation since starting CrossFit. At least on those days when I am to look past the regular feeling of being run over by a mac truck, i.e. extreme muscle soreness!

All in all I really cannot imagine my life without CrossFit. I would still not be able to do a pull up or handstand, I would have missed out on some really great friendships, I would never have experienced “feeling strong”, I would never have been asked to help pack out an elk and I would have never gotten the nickname “Baby Hercules” from my husband."

- Shawna Erickson

"I go up to Sandpoint a bunch and recently had the opportunity to do a few drop ins. First day was Labor Day, we did a HERO workout named "Whitten"
There were about 20 plus people in the class but still plenty of room for everyone to get their workout on. Everyone was instantly friendly and fun. Kenny is really mellow and you can tell has a good mix of people skills and overall CrossFit knowledge. The second day I made it in we did things that I have never done at my CrossFit gym where I live, which I loved. Dan was the Coach of that class and he was again, super mellow and knowledgeable. How can you beat fresh air, good coaches, positive environment and a legitimate workout everytime? If you have never done CrossFit dont be shy stop in and they will tailor everything to where you are right now and where you want to eventually be."

- Dustin Downen

"Happy 1 year anniversary CrossFit Sandpoint! I remember a year ago I could not do 1 push-up, run a 400 meter without a break, and came in last for most WODs for the first few weeks. Then I noticed lots of progress being made. In 1 year I have improved in every lift, became better and faster, did my 1st 1/2 marathon, Got my level 1 cert., completed a stair climb, did my 1st Open and lost the last 30lbs of baby weight. Thank you to the amazing people I have met that have pushed me and Coach Kenny for being so awesome!"

- Tennille Toussaint

"I just wanted to say thank you to CrossFit Sandpoint , Kenny Markwardt, and the rest of the coaches/owners of our local Crossfit "gym". I have never experienced a more all around, full body health approach from any other fitness facility. These guys are honest/sincere in their coaching and ethical in their business practices which is rare anymore. I will continue to support Crossfit Sandpoint for years to come and I think you should too!!"

- Jake Humble

CrossFit has been a game changer for me. When I first walked through the door, I was a little intimidated. I witnessed people doing exercises and movements that were kind of mind blowing. My first day was one of the most humbling days of my life, & I'm sure, one of the most entertaining days for my classmates. I proceeded to grunt, sweat, cuss, struggle, fall over, & generally embarrass myself for an hr. Despite the fact that I'm a former college baseball player (I know, that doesn't make me an actual athlete) & pretty active dude......I was clearly out of my league. After crying myself to sleep for a couple nights, I returned. It has been an amazing thing for me ever since. There was no judgement, just encouragement. The people at CrossFit Sandpoint are unbelievable! Kenny, Tennille, & all his coaches are truly exceptional. I feel like I have a personal trainer everyday. That guidance, combined with the camaraderie of the amazing people that I now call friends, has absolutely helped me succeed! It's also become really amazing to watch my piers push themselves everyday!

It has helped my "bad" back that has bothered me since a car crash 17 years ago. It has truly helped me excel at all my favorite hobbies. My skiing has improved! I feel better! I'm stronger. I can work harder. I wake up earlier. I have more energy! I hike farther! My wife winks at me more often! Life is good! CrossFit is truly awesome! Do it!

- Birch Rose

"I just returned from my Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt where I killed this 13 year old Ram with my brother. The training and coaching I received at Crossfit Sandpoint whipped me into the best physical shape I've ever been in and was a key factor to the success of this hunt. Hiking miles every day with 50-100lbs in some of the roughest country was somewhat made easy by the preparation from Crossfit. I was not sore one day during or after this hunt and that is a first for me. I was very surprised especially considering the mountains we climbed each day and the amount of endurance I had even during the last day of the hunt. Thanks so much for how you encourage and impact each of our unique challenges or endeavors."

- Matt Burrows

"Well what a crazy trip with CrossFit. It's been a year now and I must say thanks Britian for getting my fat ass over to the gym and showing me how fun and painful CrossFit can be. I started before it was a gym and called Point CrossFit. At the start I couldn't do a pull up and had never done a Olympic lift in my life. I had a problem of eating bad food and not working out and it was working well at sending me to my early grave. CrossFit has changed my life along with my wife and daughter. It's hard to explain to others the insane obsession with getting up and going to the gym at 6am 5 days a week then feeling like you need more. To anyone out there who hasn't tried it or just started I promise once you pick up that glass and put the last drop of Koolaide down you will never be the same. Goals for my second year are to achieve my level 1 and CrossFit for kids cert so that I may have a part in building a healthier genaration. Once again a huge thanks to Britian M Whitley, Kenny Markwardt, and my new found family at CrossFit Sandpoint. And it goes without saying the biggest thanks to my wife for putting up with me and showing her support."

- Glen Cassidy