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CROSSFIT TEENS Strength + Conditioning

We are professional coaches. Our job is to build athletes.


In our program we develop agility, speed, power, strength and overall conditioning.Our fitness is broad–we place equal emphasis on speed, strength, agility, flexibility, stamina and balance–and we keep things fun. Kids and teens WANT to come to CrossFit Sandpoint and it shows.

Our workouts are made to be skill-based, challenging and progressive.

Our teens class is intended for the youth athlete who is either currently in high school or about to be in high school and is interested in either improving their athletic abilities for their sport or just getting in shape.  Our coaches pay special attention to their lifting form and development as youth athletes.  This ensures that they are adequately prepared for their high school careers and time in the weight room.  Our athletes are leaps and bounds above their peers, both athletically and in knowledge of strength training.

Program Specifics:

  • a YOUTH specific training

  • A progressive, innovative approach to training

  • Professional strength and conditioning coaches who KNOW how to keep your student-athlete safe

  • A positive training environment designed to build athletes up no matter what their level

And much much more…


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:15 - 4:15 pm

  • Cost:

    • 2x/week - $75/month

    • 3x/week - $90/month

  • Space is limited to 16 students

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Meet Coach Nick Bandy

What inspires me is sharing my knowledge and experience with students and seeing how that helps them build better skills and strength that can they can use in their everyday life and physical activities. Knowing that I can help your student get stronger and mover better, rehab a past injury, or help prevent a future injury is what I love and is what I try to bring to my classes. Outside of the gym I love to whitewater Kayak in the spring and summer seasons and backcountry skiing in the winter time.

Need more info?

We’re here to help. Schedule a No Sweat Intro to learn more about the program OR get in touch with us here!


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