Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Feel Amazing.

8 Week Fat Loss Challenge


Imagine 8 weeks to the your best summer body yet.

While we’re typically about creating sustainable changes and lifetime habits through slow, steady adjustments, we’re going to get aggressive in this challenge.

Sometimes when you know what you want, you’ve gotta cut the fat, put your head down and focus as hard as you can on getting there.  

Our 8 week Summer Shred is designed to shed body fat, create lean muscle and give you your most appealing summer body yet.

This will be tough, but aside from actually chewing your food for you, we’re going to give you all the support you could possibly want.  


  • Customized macro and calorie plans according to your body, your exercise needs and your goals, which we will change according to how fast you’re progressing.

  • Before and After photos to track your progress.

  • Individual meetings to review food logs, progress and challenges.

  • Weekly group meetings for accountability and education.

  • A Private Facebook group

  • 4 body composition measurements via the industry leading InBody 270

This challenge combines our one-on-one coaching with the benefits of a group challenge. You get the accountability and support of a coach as well as a group of like-minded individuals going through the challenge alongside you! A real-life approach to fit your life and your goals means you’ll not only meet them, but crush them!

This is going to take commitment, focus and some sacrifice from you to get results. But, if you want this to be the year you’re thrilled with how you look on the lake, then this is the program for you!

If that’s not enough, we guarantee results.  If you complete the challenge and have not lost a significant amount of body fat, we will return your money.


8 Weeks: May 1st - June 26th

Weekly meetings Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm. Live and via Facebook

Week One: Intro - What to expect, format, supplies, questions

Week Two: Food Prep

Week Three: Snacks and Hacks

Week Four: All About Supplements

Week Five: Nutrient Timing &  Workouts

Week Six: Macros: The Whys and Hows

Week Seven: Understanding and Implementing Different Nutrition Protocols

Week Eight: Transitioning In and Out and Final Measurements

*Schedule subject to change based on needs of the group



Two payments of $99 (first due to secure spot, second due June 1st)

*Register before April 24th to secure your spot


- Custom Calorie and Macro Template based on your daily needs.  Modified every two weeks based on how you're progressing: $150 value

- 2 One-on-One coaching meetings: $90 value

- Bi-Weekly Inbody Scans (4 total): $100 value

- Challenge Book (includes meal ideas, shopping list, meal prep guide): $30 value

- Weekly Group Meetings and Seminars: $100 value

- Private Facebook Group


Problems registering? Please email