Success Stories

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Baby weight is a B&*tch, especially when it doesn’t come off as fast as you want it to. I was 9 months post-partum and still eating for two. So, it was no surprise that I was not losing the extra weight. The summer shred program provided awesome structure to keep me consistent and the constant education/support from Kenny and Jenn along with the rest of the summer shredders was so much fun. I am now 10 pounds lighter, feeling great and love hearing when people ask me, “How much weight have you lost?”.
— Theresa Lindholm (Summer Shred Client)
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Mariah is an example of a nearly impeccable execution of a nutrition plan. By taking a full year, and making steady progress, we were able to implement changes and ingrain them in her life for the long haul.

We started with the basics. We made small refinements, removed some foods, added others, and worked to build habits that were sustainable long term. By working through the full year, we got to tackle the challenges that arrive in life; holidays, vacations, peaks and valleys in motivation, and more.

Then, after months of steady progress, we took the last 8 weeks to ramp it up. We dialed in a specifically timed macro and meal plan to get her to her final goal weight.

Finally, we took the last 4 weeks to level off. We wanted to ingrain this being the new normal. Allowing for more leeway and less accountability, as she goes flying on her own, we know that she is comfortable with this and will be able to tackle the challenges, ups, and downs that life can throw at her.
Through this challenge, I have learned there is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to fitness. You can work out hard and eat poorly and see minimal to no results but with proper coaching and accountability, paired with good habits, you can get the results you desire!
— Jake Humble (Summer Shred Client)