Frequently Asked Questions


  • Nope.  Every class has at least two levels of programming, one for beginners and one for more advanced athletes.  You are always encouraged to go at your own pace and do what you can.  If it’s too much, you are welcome to stop, slow down and/or reduce the workload.

Your memberships are way more expensive than the gym memberships I’m used to paying, what gives?

  • That is true, and we’re not ashamed of it.  Generally, in a traditional gym, you are invited to come in and use their machines, and that’s about it.  Here, your workouts are planned out weeks in advance and you are instructed by a coach, every day.  We provide you with high level coaching in every single minute of every single class.  You are trained to move correctly and efficiently.  We also provide you with specialty classes, like our Olympic Lifting class that teaches you the fine details of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  If you we’re to price out a similar experience at another gym, you would likely realize that what we offer is a pretty good deal.

Do I have to do do the Foundations class if I have previous CrossFit experience?

  • No, you do not.  Please talk to a coach and you are welcome to “test out” of having to do the Foundations class to get started in our normal classes.  This is also true if you have extensive weightlifting experience or another similar background.

I have a pre-existing injury, can I still participate?

  • This kind of depends on your injury and your attitude about it.  We are happy to offer options to work around existing issues.  There are countless, less-than-able participants in CrossFit around the world, it just depends on how willing you are to go outside your comfort zone.  Most pre-existing injuries require a great deal of attention to make sure they don’t relapse and that they heal properly.  This is where you need to do your homework.  Do some extra warm-up work and some extra mobility work on your own.


  • CrossFit just like any other sport or activity, it can be dangerous if you go too fast or overestimate your abilities.  If you’ve never swung a golf club, but head out to the driving range and swing as hard as you can, you will probably hurt yourself.  Generally, those that get injured are the ones who put their ego in front of their well-being.  The environment that we foster here at CrossFit Sandpoint is to stay well within your abilities, and to remember that your journey as an athlete should be treated like a marathon and not a sprint.  Our coaches will be adamant about that as you get started.

I can hardly lift a coffee mug, how do you expect me to do the prescribed weights?

  • This is what we call “scaling”.  Everyone lifts the amount of weight that they can safely and with good form.  Our coaches are much more likely to recommend too little weight than too much.  The prescribed weight is what our competitive athletes use as a standard.