As Summer ramps up through its final crescendo, most of us are looking at our waistlines and recognizing that all of this fun has taken its toll.  The short duration of this wonderful season is reason in itself to celebrate at every chance, but all that imbibing needs to be balanced with a good plan to get back on track.  

Enter the Fall Reset.

This September, we’re going to help you commit 60 days to resetting and surpassing your body composition and performance goals.  

We did it this Spring to help get ready for Summer, now were going to do it again to help rebound and get back on track.  

We’ll give you all the tools to succeed: a detailed nutrition guide, a custom, individualized macro plan, group support via meetings and a private Facebook group, 1 on 1 coaching with or Precision Nutrition Level 1 and 2 coaches, and industry leading body composition analysis via the InBody 270.    

We’re going to do it the right way, not some wacky, unsafe or unsustainable crash diet.  We’re going to strive for a healthy body transformation. Not the quick weight loss that many diets will leave you feeling deprived. By monitoring your intake closely, we'll be able to make small adjustments to ensure you lose weight or gain muscle accordingly.

Our 60 Day Challenge is designed to shed body fat, create lean muscle and give you your most appealing body yet.

You'll be paired up with a coach that will help you with direction, accountability, and the support you need to be successful. Here's the deal, life doesn't stop and neither will we. You and your coach will tackle whatever comes up to ensure you stay on track.

This will be tough, but aside from actually chewing your food for you, we’re going to give you all the support you could possibly want.  


Last May we launched our first Summer Shred Challenge. The Results were simply amazing. We give clients a road map, accountability and all the answers but they do the work. They commit, decide to conquer their goals and do the work every day. Over the 60 days clients lost an average of 13.1 pounds and 6% body fat! See some of their amazing results below. 


8 Weeks: September 11 - November 6

Bi-Monthly meetings Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm. Corresponding with weight check-ins. First 30 minutes is lecture-based, second half is accountability and questions. In person and via Facebook Live. 

Week One (9/11): How it works

Week Three (9/25): Meal prep/grocery shopping

Week Five (10/9): Navigating Real LIfe

Week Seven (10/23): Transitioning Back in

PRICING: Two payments of $99*

*(first due to secure spot, second due October 1st) Register before September 7th to secure your spot


Custom Calorie and Macro Template based on your daily needsodified every two weeks based on how you're progressing: $150 value

2 One-on-One coaching meetings: $90 value

Bi-Monthly Inbody Scans (4 total): $100 value

Challenge Book (includes meal ideas, shopping list, meal prep guide): $30 value

Bi-Monthly Group Meetings and Seminars: $100 value

Private Facebook Group


Problems registering? Please email jenn@crossfitsandpoint.com