Kenny Markwardt, Head Coach/Owner

OPEX CCP Coach, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, CrossFit Level 2, USAW Sport Performance Coach, FMS-1, Precision Nutrition Level 2


My life in fitness began at age 16.  As soon as I could drive I got myself a pass to a traditional gym.  I quickly became obsessed, reading everything I could and devoting all of my time to fitness and exercise.

Over time, I grew bored with the monotonous routine of an hour in the gym doing the same old same old.  I started hearing about CrossFit in 2008 and at first I thought it was just another fitness fad and didn’t really pay it too much attention.  Interestingly enough, it was during this time that I was beginning to incorporate very similar principles into my own workouts.  I was utilizing Olympic and compound movements, doing sprints and trying “new” tools like Kettlebells, sandbags and plyometrics.

Finally, at the suggestion of a friend who had similar athletic interests, I took a look at the mainsite.  I started doing CrossFit WODs (workouts of the day) in the gym I was a member at.  I gained a ton of functional strength and I started to become more and more obsessed with CrossFit, finding continued success and noticing that I was able to maintain near peak conditioning year-round.  I started sharing my workouts with others and training anyone who would listen.  Eventually, I got my CrossFit Level 1 and my NSCA-CPT certification in 2012.  We started CrossFit Sandpoint soon after, and haven’t looked back since.

Bill Hunter

CrossFit Level 1


Like most people, before they’re introduced to Crossfit and unleash their hidden awesomeness, most of my physical training was pretty traditional.  From the high school gym working out with the football crew to clanging and banging in military facilities around the world, my pattern was mostly bodybuilding cycles mixed with periods of inactivity.  That all changed when I came across the Crossfit Games playing on TV late one night at a 24-hour gym in Maryland.

Fast forward a few years and I can say with confidence that I’m in the best overall shape of my life… in my late 30’s! Along the way, I fell in love with the Crossfit community and culture.  We believe in unleashing human potential and I’m proud to bring that mentality to every Crossfit class as a coach.  

Amanda Abajian



I grew up playing a variety of sports from the moment I learned to walk, but after high school I went through long stretches of inactivity due to lack of structure in the traditional gym environment. I received my degree in Natural Resource Sciences from WSU and found that living in a place like North Idaho was only natural. I love spending my summer weekends up at Priest Lake, and taking advantage of all the activities our small town has to offer.

I heard about CrossFit Sandpoint for the first time while working in the kitchen at Spud’s, and was incredibly nervous to attend my first class at the gym knowing how out of shape I was at the time. Looking back at my first year living in Sandpoint, going to my first CrossFit class was one of the best risks I have ever taken.

I never imagined a time when I would find personal value in strength, and what my body is capable of doing, over the numbers on a scale. CrossFit has taught me how to dig deep and overcome difficult challenges inside and outside of the gym.

Today there is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when the smallest girl in room is able to carry the heaviest load.

I love the relationships this sport builds between people that may have absolutely nothing common, and it also allows us to come together daily and support one another. 

I am extremely grateful to be a part of this community and look forward to the opportunity to help make a difference in the fitness goals of our members. 

Alison Kellogg


Having grown up playing team sports, I quickly became bored with the monotony and desolate atmosphere of traditional gyms.  After being introduced to CrossFit in 2010, I was intrigued by the emphasis on individual improvement framed within the supportive community.  In today’s culture, the focus on well-rounded fitness rather than a number on the scale was refreshing.

I got my CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2013, and my appreciation of CrossFit has continued to grow.  I love helping people achieve things they hadn’t thought possible.   The confidence that is built through the hard work, sweat, and camaraderie that is seen in each class is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Glen Cassidy

crossfit level 1

It goes without saying that CrossFit has changed my life! It started June 2012 when Coach Britian asked me to work out with him in their small garage gym with CrossFit WODs that had me hooked instantly.  I grew up enjoying individual competitive sports such as skiing, BMX, and mountain bike racing.   The competitive nature of CrossFit amongst fellow athletes or seeking a new PR brought back the energy of my former sporting events.  Since that first day I’ve lost 50 pounds and obtained Level 1 certification so that I could become a coach and share my enthusiasm.

Tennille Toussaint



I started CrossFit in 2009. I was training for a physical test for a fire department and needed to do 3 pullups...and the test was in 2 weeks. Someone said "you should try CrossFit, you can get strong fast." The next day I went to a local gym in the Seattle area and asked the coach if it was possible, he said he would do his best. 2 weeks later, I not only smoked the physical test, I was 100% hooked on CrossFit. 

I have always been an athlete and been involved in team sports and really enjoyed working out in a group. The people involved in CrossFit are always friendly; I talked to more people in the first 2 weeks at CrossFit than I had in the last 2 years in a typical mainstream gym. The accountably, results, and friendly competition was perfect for me. 

I believe Crossfit gives you the ability to perform any physical task at anytime. If you stay in shape you don't have to get in shape. I want carry all my groceries in one load, run a 5K, hike with my daughter on my back, and lift my 65lb dog into the truck, and perform all duties needed as a Volunteer Fighter fighter/EMT. After moving from Seattle to Sandpoint in 2013 for the vast outdoor activities this has never been more true. I feel so lucky to be coaching at this wonderful gym and helping people reach goals they did not think possible.

Dan Chamberlain


After I lost 30 pounds in the first 3 months of CrossFit, I knew I was hooked.  My previous fitness background included powerlifting, stand up paddle boarding and snowboarding, but CrossFit took that base and accelerated it to incredible new heights.

I was so impressed with the CrossFit methodology, that I knew I had to put myself in a position to introduce it to others.  As a father of three, I feel I have a special connection to the youth of today.  My athletic experiences growing up made me realize how invaluable a good coach can be.  Coaching the CrossFit Kids program allows me to be that resource for the next generation.

To me, there is no better feeling in the world than when I can see the spark of passion for something new in a young person’s life.  Helping kids become their best version of themselves is what fuels me as a coach.



Kelli Bult

CROSSFIT LEVEL 1, crossfit Movement and mobility

I have been an athlete since I could walk. In high school volleyball, basketball, golf and softball I learned to always push myself. I was fortunate enough to run track for Washington State University while obtaining my mechanical engineering degree. Collegiate athletics gave me the opportunity to train on a completely different level than my small town high school. I worked with some amazing trainers and learned a lot about my body as well as nutrition. At that point I realized my passion was deeper than just competitive athletics.

Once I graduated college I moved to Seattle, WA. It was there that I began training for my first marathon, with the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon while simultaneously coaching club volleyball. This continued for four years with ages 13-17. In 2012 I qualified and completed the Boston Marathon. After reaching that goal, I realized I needed something more “team like” so I tried my first CrossFit class. I was very leery at first but after a week I was hooked. I haven’t looked back and have never been in this good of shape in my career. Not only has CrossFit taught me how to be strong but also how to make my body run like a machine. Nutrition is the most important aspect of this. I completed my CrossFit level 1 certification at the end of 2013 and I have attended two mobility seminars as well as CrossFit endurance seminars. My goal is to make people stronger and also smarter about their body.

Britian Whitley

CrossFit Level 1

I first heard about CrossFit in 2008. I took one look at the main site and figured that only 2% of the population could make it out of those WODs alive (and they would be nuts).

Fast forward to 2012; while visiting a friend in Aspen, Colorado, I preformed my first official WOD at Aspen CrossFit. To say I was hooked is probably a slight understatement.

Upon returning back to Sandpoint I would not shut up about CrossFit. Soon the word spread and I was pestering all my friends to try. My close friend Duffy Mahoney and I began buying equipment and working out in a small rented garage.

When I am not at CrossFit Sandpoint, I can be found enjoying all that our beautiful small town has to offer including lake and mountain outdoor pursuits. As for my day job, I work as a local Firefighter (and sometimes Electrician).