Strategies for Navigating the Holidays

Ahhh, the season is upon us. The season of cookies in the breakroom, chocolates randomly appearing on your desk, social functions with cheese boards and cocktails, it’s the holidays.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself slipping through November and then completely falling off the wagon in December?

Do you start January 10 lbs heavier and regret the decision you made to let it all go?

This year, what about having a plan?

I’m not saying forgo every cookie at the holiday party while you munch on raw celery in the corner.

But, what about approaching this season with balance?

Here’s what I know, moderation works. November and December are probably not the times to start a hard-core eating regime, but there are ways to mitigate the damage.

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Fishing and Fat Loss: The Roads to Success aren't all that different

Steelhead are Rainbow Trout that are born in a river, migrate out to the ocean from thousands of miles away, swim back up the same river, then back out to the ocean and return. They continue this process until they die from the exhaustion of spawning, are killed or caught.

Catching a steelhead can feel damn near impossible. They call them the fish of a thousand casts.

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CFSP Member Profile: Melissa Dowd

The memories are in the making daily as I continue to get to know this community. What I mean by that really points to the core of what I love about this whole thing.   Every laugh about whatever. Every encouragement between buddies in class, every PR celebration or act of compassion for a fitful tantrum when things don’t go as planned. I

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Kenny MarkwardtComment
Next Step: Action

Once the direction is established, action must be the next step.  

Too many people have shelves lined with self-help books and walls plastered with motivational posters.  They visit blogs and websites that tantalize them with the things they want, they have friends on social media who are doing the things they want to do, yet they can't or won't do the first thing necessary towards achieving those things.

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Take Care Of Yourself First

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial plane, you’ve undoubtedly heard the safety speech regarding life jackets, emergency exits and such.  In that case, you’ve also heard and seen the demonstration about putting on your oxygen mask. In the end, they make mention that you must put on your own mask before assisting others.

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CFSP Member Spotlight: Erika McCall

Honestly, when I first walked into CrossFit Sandpoint I thought, “yep, just as expected. This isn’t for me” but, thanks to my friend telling me to just give it a try, I was willing to give it a shot for a few months. I signed up in May 2017 and have a very distinct memory of meeting Kenny, telling him about an important event I had coming up that August and after that, he’d probably never see me again. Fast forward to nearly a year later and here I am. Still a regular fixture in one of the afternoon classes. So, yes. My first impression has definitely changed. I thought CrossFit was just another gym that offered the same boring classes with the same people in the same sweaty environment. But I’m happy to report, I was very wrong! As cliche as this sounds, CrossFit really is different. The people are different. The coaches are different. It’s a world away from other gyms in that the approach makes you want to be better and to do better. I show up every day knowing my only competition is myself and that I can work as hard (or not) as I want.

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You’re Going to Run Out of Health Before You Run Out of Money…

You’re Going to Run Out of Health Before You Run Out of Money…

The host of a podcast I listen to loves to remind the listener of this statement uttered by his dying friend.  While you can certainly shoot holes in the theory, it certainly will ring true for most of us. I’m sure you’ve had friends, family members, and loved ones pass on or find tragedy way too soon in life.

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CFSP Member Spotlight: Austin Humble

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

Well I had been working out for a few years on my own in local gyms and athletic clubs, and started working out here at the SWAC for a few months, but I just kept feeling like something was missing. I never left there feeling like I had gotten a sufficient workout.

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CFSP Member Spotlight: Kate Smith

As a new widow, I moved home to Sandpoint to be closer to family, but I knew that I would need to expand my community here in order to grow/survive after such a devastating event.  I wanted to find like-minded people and being six months post-partum, I wanted a challenging, peer-accountabilty environment to keep me going.  A CrossFit friend from Georgia kept nagging at me to try CrossFit--he told me it was a good fit for me and I should give it a try.  One day at church I was briefly introduced to Whitney, and then later that week I ran into her and Ruth at a children's event.  I thought to myself, "Wow, look at their arms!  I want arms like that.  I wonder where they work out?"  So I struck up a conversation with them, joined CrossFit that day (telling Kenny that my "Why" is because I want arms like them), and they have become some of my closest friends in town.

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5 Year Alumni: Paul Osman

The first day Paul was here, I thought he was going to die. 

I’m really glad he didn’t, but for a minute there, I was concerned.  Mostly with how I was going to get a dead guy out of his pull-up bands.  

You see, Paul had done CrossFit before (which you’ll read about below), so I granted him a little more leeway in his first workouts here.  I don’t remember exactly what he did for his first one, but I do remember that it had pull-ups.  I also remember that he had an interesting way of resting between his sets of pull-ups.  He would hang from the bar, feet still in his bands and rest his head against his upright arms with his eyes closed.  So, you can see my preoccupation with how to extract a dead guy from a loaded band while he still had a grip on the bar.  

In all seriousness, Paul is one of my favorite guys to have in class.  He’s here consistently 3x per week, he likes to talk hunting, he listens, and he’s got a great, dry sense of humor.  (So I’m hoping he’ll find my depiction of his first class funny). 

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5 Year Alumni: Susie Jensen

Everyone always says "the people" - but with good reason. I have never met a friendlier, cooler group of people. It's always one of the best parts of my day to come in and throw weights around with this group. Everyone is encouraging, inclusive, friendly, and fun. There's a ton of other stuff that keeps me coming back as well - I love the coaches, I love feeling strong, it's fun, it's a great place to work off the bad energy of the day, etc. But the people - the people are phenomenal. 

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5 Year Alumni: Lissa Markwardt

I don't even know where, to begin with this one.  There are so many reasons I love having my mom in every 8am class during the week.  


One: She has been our biggest supporter since day one.  She talked us through all the scary leaps we were taking to make this work.  Without her, none of this would be possible. 

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CrossFit Sandpoint 5 Year Alumni Member Profile: Star Jensen

I love Star's story for a lot of reasons. 

For one, there are a few initial reactions to CrossFit that I've grown accustomed to over the years.  One is, "What about all the injuries?".  Two is, "I can't do that (because of _____)".  Star's story not only debunks those, but also dramatically reinforces the idea that through proper strength and conditioning training injuries can be made better and prevented in the future, and that makes me happy.

For two, watching someone develop from having a hard time doing a shoulder pass-through with a PVC pipe to having no limitations in here is just awesome.  I grew up playing volleyball, so seeing her go from unable to participate fully in the sport that she really loves to being back at it full bore is what this is really all about for me.  CrossFit should prepare us and make us better at the things we love (besides CrossFit).  Star is the embodiment of that. 


Third, Star is just a pleasure to work with.  She is a lifelong athlete, so she has a natural inclination to know when to push and when to back off.  She is also incredibly receptive to coaching, so selfishly, I really love that about her. 

Thanks for being a part of the family Star!

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