Getting Started

Step 1:  Schedule a No Sweat Consult

Our No Sweat Consult is a 20-30 minute meeting to chat about your goals, aspirations, fitness experience, previous injuries, what we do here at CrossFit, what to expect, and more!

Step 2:  Foundations

After your No Sweat Consult, we can schedule your Foundations sessions.  These are a series of five, 30 minute 1 on 1 classes with our head coach Kenny.  Our Foundations classes are designed to introduce you to the movements, structure and what to expect in our normal CrossFit classes.  They can be scheduled at your convenience and at a frequency that allows you to complete them in a manner that suits you best. 

The cost of these 5 classes is included in your first months membership of $145.

*If you've got previous experience in CrossFit or similar, you are welcome to test out of Foundations if you would like to. 

Step 3: CrossFit/Personal Training

Once you've graduated from our Foundations classes, you are ready to move on to our regular classes.  Of course, once you're finished with Foundations, that doesn't mean that your learning is finished, it really means you're just getting started!

Or, for some people, they prefer to continue with Personal Training on a more direct path to their goals.